Sunday, January 27, 2013

NCDPI Rocks!

Oh the places you'll go if you run and do not walk to the collaborative workspace for the North Carolina Department of Instruction
The NC Department of Public Instruction is developing a wide array of instructional resources to support educators in the implementation of not only the Common Core State Standards but also the North Carolina Essential Standards.    As I have researched for CCSS resources on various state department of education sites, I have noticed that the NCDPI resources are referenced and for good reason. 
Under English Language Arts Resources you will find various documents:
1. ELA Instructional Shifts
2. Learning Progression for each strand that begin with the CCR anchor standards
3. ELA Text Exemplars
4. Webinars and Handouts
5. Posters on Text Complexity, How to Do a Close Reading and Scaffolding
6. A great presentation - From Snorkelying to Deep Sea Diving: Breaking Beyond Surface Reading 
Under Mathematics, Elementary Resources you will find various documents:
1. Standards Word document
2. Major Work of Grade Level
3. Unpacking Document
4. Lessons for Learning (Tasks)
5. Unit of Instruction
6. NCTM Navigation Alignment Document
7. Math Stars (Newsletter)
8. Problem Solving Decks

For many years, school districts across the country have utilized the math curriculum materials from North Carolina. When I was still in the classroom, I aligned my curriculum with these materials. I love to find materials that are off the shelf ready-to-use. These pre-common core materials can still be accessed and can be easily aligned with the CCSS.   Just click on instructional resources:
I have been referencing the Common Core Instructional Support Tools from North Carolina ever since I started researching and facilitating workshops on the CCSS.  The NCDPI has done an amazing job of unpacking both the CCSS for English Language Arts and Mathematics.

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