Wednesday, January 9, 2013

CCSS Layered Flipbooks K-8

* * * SPECIAL SALE * * * 
Take a look at my TPT for my Common Core layered flipbooks for both ELA and Mathematics for all grades K-8.  See the preview of the CCSS flipbooks below. For grades K-6, CCSS for ELA are on the front and CCSS for Math are on the back for easy reference. I have packaged grades 6-8 together for each of the content areas. I have priced the CCSS flipbooks economically at $5.  All you need is access to a printer, colored cardstock, and a binder. I made over 200 copies of these flipbooks for the teachers that I work with in grades K-8!   Feel free to contact me if you want me to customize a CCSS flipbook for you. I have customized versions for both special education and speech resource teachers. This is a great tool for writing lesson plans, unit plans and curriculum guides because it's all at your fingertips in one tool. 

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