Sunday, January 20, 2013

Daily Dose of CCSS!

The CCSS for ELA have brought fundamental shifts in our instruction.  I have just created and posted a bulletin board on TPT to highlight those fundamental shifts.  I debated between two different titles for the bulletin board:
DAILY DOSE of CCSS  (or)  CCSS Give Me Five!
I started with CCSS Give me Five! but I thought of Daily Dose of CCSS when I was taking some medication for a recent bout with the flu!  If displayed prominently in your classroom, this bulletin board is a great reference for you and your students to the critical elements of the CCSS for English Language Arts.  Those elements include: analyze content, cite evidence, report findings, participate in discussions and study and apply academic vocabulary.  Our goal should be to include these critical elements of the CCSS in every lesson that we teach.   Hopefully it will empower you as a teacher and your students to work on more rigorous tasks through the infusion of these critical elements of the CCSS.    The best part of this bulletin board is that you can configure the hexagons many different ways.  The photo below just illustrates one of those configurations.

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