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Unique Interactive Word Wall & Student Journal

Check out these Alphabet Posters or Alphabet Posters & Student Journal
with Embedded Sight Words and High Frequency Words by clicking on TPT

ABC Posters alone 

ABC Posters & Matching Student Journal
Word walls can be effective literacy tools that have the potential for enhancing vocabulary learning when used in conjunction with effective instructional practices.  Reading fluency is one of the primary elements in the reading process.  It is the ability to read orally with speed and efficiency, including word recognition, decoding, and comprehension (Chard & Pikulski, 2005).  Research has shown that one effective way to improve reading fluency is by interacting with a word wall and its related activities to develop high frequency word recognition. 

Be the Teacher students make up a quiz and quiz their partners on ten self-selected word wall words.
Guess That Word  - students give hints to what word they are thinking of by describing the formation of the word.
Let’s Be Creativestudents write a story that includes as many word wall words as possible.
Letters in My First Name  - students write their name vertically and then match two word wall words to each letter in their name.
Letters in Words  - students pick ten word wall words and then find two or more words that have the same letter as the original word
Rainbow Writing  students write the words from the word wall in different crayons focusing on the configuration of the word while writing.
Shape of Words  - students focus on letter formation (tall, small, and dropped letters) in the word wall words and write the words that are tall, small, and dropped.
Cloze Sentences  - students will fill in words from the word wall to complete cloze sentences from the teacher.
Play Clue  - the teacher will give a clue about a word and then ask students to find the word on the wall that goes with the clue.
Scramble the Letters  - the teacher will scramble letters of a word wall word and give a clue to its meaning.  Students will try to guess the correct word wall word. 
Share a Topic  - the teacher will share a topic with the class and ask students to find all of the words on the wall that connect with the topic. 

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